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  • 2113. BC: Conclusion

    Photograph of the cemetery,1865

    Look back over the cemetery, reflecting on what you have learned. Battleground National Cemetery has the distinction of being one of the nation's smallest national cemeteries with only 41 soldiers interred here. Like the larger and more well-known Arlington National Cemetery, located across the Potomac River, here you will find the remains of individuals who bravely answered the call to protect and defend this nation in a time of peril.

    Today, the area around Battleground National Cemetery has been developed, commercialized, and paved over. Little remains of the battlefield on which these brave men died, save this one acre plot of land, Fort Stevens to the south, and the nearby Rock Creek Valley.

    Although the voices of the men buried at Battleground National Cemetery were forever silenced long, long ago, the stories of their lives and their sacrifices still echo along the corridors of Washington, DC and throughout America. Their silent vigil, protecting Washington, DC and its history, continues.

    We thank you for participating in Rock Creek Park's self-guided tour of Battleground National Cemetery and encourage you to leave comments by using the button at the bottom of your screen. We hope that you will also visit nearby Fort Stevens and the other Civil War installations that Rock Creek Park and the National Park Service proudly preserve and protect as lessons from the past for future generations.

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