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  • 2112. BC: Superintendent's Lodge

    Superintendent's Lodge, circa 1907

    Walk around to the three gravestones closest to the lodge. In 1871, the superintendent's lodge was built at the cemetery, onto which the words to the Gettysburg Address were mounted. The lodge housed a caretaker named Augustus Armbrecht, along with his family.

    Augustus Armbrecht, 1906

    Sadly, Mr. Armbrecht suffered his own losses at the cemetery as his wife, Sarah, and three of his children, John, Kate and Gus, died during his solemn vigil over the fallen 40 men. In honor of his diligence to the men of the cemetery, Mr. Armbrecht's wife and children were also interred at the cemetery behind graves 28 and 29.

    Return to the entrance steps. Hit NEXT when you arrive.