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  • 2111. BC: The Rostrum

    Undated ceremony at the Rostrum, from the Historical Society of Washington, Proctor Papers Collection

    The rostrum can be found behind the graves along the East wall of the cemetery. It was placed at the cemetery in the early 1870s by the 150th Ohio National Guard. The four pillars of the rostrum stand in memory of the four volunteer companies that were inside Fort Stevens during Early's assault: the Quartermasters Corps, Veterans Reserve Corps, convalescent soldiers, and the 150th Ohio National Guard.

    For years after the Civil War ended, the veterans of the battle gathered at the cemetery to reminisce about the battle and the brave men who did not survive. During these gatherings, gentle lilting music would emanate from the rostrum, as ceremonial bands played tunes that transported the veterans back to those two fateful days in July of 1864.

    Make your way to the back of the Superintendent's Lodge, stopping to look at the third Bivouac tablet on your way. When you reach the building, hit NEXT.