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  • 2107. BC: The 150th Ohio National Guard Monument

    At the end of the row of monuments stands the memorial  for the 150th Ohio National Guard, also known as the 150th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. If you had been a member of this regiment, particularly Company K, you would have been stationed at Fort Stevens during the battle and would have seen President Lincoln coming under fire from the Confederate sharpshooters.

    The 150th Ohio National Guard lost one soldier, a student from Oberlin College, 20-year old Private William Leach. Leach died on July 13th, the day after the battle, from wounds he received. Since he died after the battle and away from the battlefield, Private Leach is not buried at the cemetery.

    Nevertheless, the sacrifice of Private Leach and the bravery and determination exhibited by the 150th Ohio National Guard earned the regiment its well-deserved place of recognition at Battleground National Cemetery.

    Walk toward the back of the cemetery on the north (left) side of the graves. Stop at the tablet located within the grass. Hit NEXT when you arrive.