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  • 2102. BC: Cemetery Dedication

    1864 Cemetery Plan, National Archives

    Before entering the grounds of the cemetery, stop for a moment and attempt to take a glimpse at the land as it was on the hot, stifling night of July 12, 1864.

    As the men of the 6th Corps dug the graves, their minds echoed with the sounds of cannon fire and musket shot that had deafened the landscape just hours before. A lone carriage drove up on the scene. In it was President Abraham Lincoln. As the 40 men were gently laid into the cool depths of the ground, Lincoln spoke softly about the men and dedicated the gravesite as hallowed ground.

      "I dedicate this spot as the Battle Ground National Cemetery."

    With Lincoln's simple and heartfelt acknowledgment, James Mulloy's little apple orchard was forever changed. Then, the President quietly got back into his carriage and rode away.

    Enter through the gates of the cemetery and go over to the first stone monument located to your left. When you arrive, hit NEXT.