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  • 2101. BC: The Battle of Fort Stevens

    Battle of Fort Stevens, Frank Leslies Illustrated Newspaper

    Stand along the Cemetery wall on the Georgia Avenue sidewalk and look south downhill toward Fort Stevens.

    Spearheaded by Confederate General Jubal Anderson Early, the two day battle was the only battle that took place in Washington during the Civil War. It is most famously known as the battle in which President Abraham Lincoln stood on the parapet of Fort Stevens and came under direct fire from Confederate sharpshooters. The Battle of Fort Stevens marks the only time in American history in which an acting President came under fire from an enemy combatant.

    President Lincoln survived the battle. Sadly, others did not. Once the battle had concluded, the grim duty of collecting the dead began. It was decided to lay the fallen heroes of Washington on the battlefield as a permanent symbol and reminder of the sacrifices given by these men who saved the Capital City.

    Ascend the cemetery steps between the cannons. Stop at the top and hit NEXT.