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  • 2010. FS: Conclusion

    The Battle of Fort Stevens is considered in the annals of American history as a Union victory. Lee’s plan to relieve pressure off of the Confederate capitol of Richmond had worked but the outcome still was the same. Richmond eventually fell and shortly thereafter, the war came to an end.

    The truth of the story of Fort Stevens does not just lie with the Battle of Fort Stevens or the commemorative stone dedicated to President Lincoln. Locked in the earthwork walls, the empty gun mounts, and the silent cannon of Fort Stevens are also the stories of struggle and sacrifice of those who gave everything to ensure the success of the fort, the preservation of our nation and its capitol, and the rights for all citizens of the United States.

    We thank you for participating in Rock Creek Park’s self-guided tour of Fort Stevens and encourage you to leave comments by using the button at the bottom of your screen. We hope that you will also visit nearby Battleground National Cemetery and the other Civil War installations that Rock Creek Park and the National Park Service proudly preserve and protect as lessons from the past for future generations.

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