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  • 2007. FS: The Battle of Fort Stevens, The Second Day

    As the sun rose on the battlefield on July 12, 1864, Jubal Early surveyed the land. Noticing the flag of the 6th Corps, a Greek Cross, flying beside that of the American flag in Fort Stevens, he knew the chances of taking the city were nil. That flag meant that now seasoned ranks of men from New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Rhode Island were waiting for his troops. Nevertheless, after coming so far, he would attempt to take the fort once again. 

    Continuing along the outer perimeter of the fort will take you back to Quackenbos Street and once again inside Fort Stevens. Back in the fort, look to the left of the cannon. There you will see a stone monument affixed upon the parapet. It is here that President Abraham Lincoln came to watch that second day of the battle and came within three feet of losing his life. Walk over to the gun mount to the left of the cannon and walk up the little hill between the gun mounts. Hit NEXT once you have reached the monument.