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  • 1009. MP: Rocky Outcrop

    Please continue down the stone steps to reach the Rocky Outcrop. Please note the landscape features, like the rhododendrons and slate steps. These were installed when the park was designed to enhance the visitor experience. There are also several large trees along the way. When you reach the intersection, cross the path to the large boulder.

    Woodlands, 1915

    Here at this rocky promontory you can look down and see Rock Creek flowing below you. The creek runs approximately 33 miles north to south from its start point, a spring in Laytonsville, MD, before emptying into the Potomac River. As part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, the quality of the water in the creek ultimately affects the overall health of the Bay.

    If you are doing this tour in the winter time, you can also look across the Creek to see the rear of several embassies and historic houses as well as the turret of the Islamic Center located on what is known as Embassy Row along Massachusetts Avenue.

    Geologist at Rocky Outcrop, Photo Credit: Washington Post, October 9, 1960

    Feel free to linger here for a while. When you are ready, return to the path, continuing to the left and up the hill. Once you exit the woods, walk over to the chain link backdrop on your left. Hit the NEXT button below when you arrive.