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  • 1008. MP: Meadow

    Here at the intersection, a short path connects you from the upper trail to the northernmost trail in the system. The large area on your left was formerly an open meadow and has now developed a scrubby understory containing many invasive species. The aggressive plants compete with native species for nutrients and light and threaten the health and overall welfare of the park’s woodland and wildlife. With the help of volunteers and park staff, community groups like the Rock Creek Conservancy identify and remove invasive species on a regular basis. If you would like to be one of these “Weed Warriors”, contact Rock Creek Conservancy at www.rockcreekconservancy.org. 

    **NOTE: The next part of the trail is very steep and involves going down and then back uphill. If you choose not to do this portion, select the "10081. Stone Steps" button below.**

    Woodlands Plan, 1916

    If you are continuing with the full tour, continue across the intersection to reach the path. Hit the NEXT button below when you arrive.