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  • 1006. MP: The Circle

    You are now located at the area historically known as The Circle. This was the intersection of four major paths within the park: the curved path from the Summerhouse, the straight east-west path to the Rope Walk, the trail leading north into the Woodlands, and the no-longer existing Long Walk. The line of boxwoods that you see used to edge this path.

    Monrose Park Plan, 1916

    An interesting fact is the missing building that had once been located just north of where the Rope Walk ends. The Field House, or Administration Building, was one of the early park buildings and had been brought here from Lincoln Park on Capitol Hill. However in 1979, the building was engulfed by fire and had to be demolished.

    Field House, unknown date

    The trail into the Woodlands historically began one of the major loops in the northern area of the park. Even though the land was already heavily wooded when the park was being created, some landscape improvements were made. These included planting azalea and rhododendron bushes and placing flagstone steps to follow the natural grade of the area, all of which you will see as you follow the trail.

    The Circle, 1935

    Enter the Woodlands and follow the trail to the large tree on the right. Hit the NEXT button below when you arrive.