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  • 1005. MP: Summerhouse and Tennis Courts

    The summerhouse before you is the only structure in the Park remaining from the original estate. Built in the mid-nineteenth century, the park designers had it moved to its current location in 1918 in order to construct the park entrance.

    Summerhouse, 1800s

    Behind the summerhouse are the tennis courts. The tennis courts, along with the croquet courts, were designed for the new park and continued the tradition of court games being held on the property. It is interesting to note that the park’s champion, Mrs. Rittenhouse, disapproved of the tennis courts as she felt them inappropriate for a park.

    Summerhouse Tennis Courts, 1950s

    One of the remaining gas lamp posts and concrete water fountain are located nearby. After the city switched to electric light in 1939, a lamplighter was assigned to light the gas lights remaining in Montrose Park each evening. This continued until 1948 when the lighting was switched to a mechanized system.

    Water Fountain and Lamp post near Summerhouse, 1940s
    Lamplighter, Photo Credit: Evening Star, July 7, 1948

    To reach the next stop, continue following the path to the point where the brick edging ends. Hit the NEXT button below when you arrive.