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  • 1004. MP: Entrance Ellipse

    You are standing in the Entrance Ellipse. It was originally completed in 1919 with the Rose Garden added in 1944. The armillary sphere you see in the center of the roses was placed in 1956 and is dedicated as a memorial to Sarah Louisa Rittenhouse.

    Entrance Ellipse, 1917
    Entrance Ellipse, 1955

    At the turn of the 20th century, the Montrose house was abandoned and in disrepair. Mrs. Rittenhouse gathered 500 signatures and presented Congress with a petition in January of 1904 to save the land of the former estate from sure development. As a result of her dedication, Congress eventually appropriated $110,000 for the purchase of the estate establishing Montrose Park in 1911.

    Boyce House, early 1900s
    Memorial Dedication, Photo Credit: Evening Star, Nov. 10, 1956

    Walk through the Entrance Ellipse taking time to smell the roses. Rejoin the path and continue down the steps to the Summerhouse. Hit the NEXT button below when you arrive.