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  • 1001. MP: Rope Walk

    Montrose Park was originally part of a large parcel that included the Dumbarton Oaks properties and Oak Hill Cemetery on either side of the park. The land was subdivided in 1804 and Richard Parrott, a rope manufacturer, purchased the land you will be walking through.     

    Boschke Map of Georgetown, 1861

    The rope walk Parrott built in this location would have been 700-900 feet long, allowing plenty of room for the rope makers to spin the rope. The rope made here was used for ships and sold to vessels docked in the Port of Georgetown.

    Rope Walk

    All that is left of this once thriving industry is the original brick edging you see along the Rope Walk. As you look down the long expanse of the rope walk, you will be able to get the sense of the length in which the ropes extended as they were made.

    Boschke Map of Georgetown, 1884

    Turn to your right to continue east along the path to the Lodge House. Hit the NEXT button below when you arrive.